Wednesday, 22 June 2016

top 5 beautiful river

Top five beautiful river in the world

1.Cano Cristales River – River Of Rainbow, Northern Colombia

Cano Cristales River also called River of Rainbow located in northern Colombia present truly gem in this wild and beautiful country.

Its around 100 km long and 20 meter wide . It is hard to reach this destination , you have to fly by plain there to Macarena and then by boat trough unmarked jungle to find this river of colors, but if you are persistent enough you want regret it when you see this joy to eyes .

2.Río Futaleufú, Chile And Argentina

Small town Futaleufu in Chile gives name to this amazing river wich flows trough 2 states Chile and Argentina .This river is also known for popularity among kayakers.

They find it very attracting and one of the most famous places for kayaking.Clear and magic blue color gives this river specific charm which will leave you breathless if you stare long enough, at least i felt like that :).

It rightfully belongs in our list about most beautiful  rivers.

3.Zambezi River, Zambia And Mozambique

Zambezi River is famous african river that flows trough 6 states in Africa. Most know spot of this river are beautiful Victoria Falls also know as the biggest waterfalls in the world . Around 2 millions people each year  visits this amazing water cascades . Popular spot here is also Devil Pool, famous for its photoshoped images that circle on the internet .

4.Yangtze River, China

Yangtze River is the longest river in the Asia ,it flows 6,418 kilometers.With their amazing landscapes , gorgeous canyon and mountain it belong in our list of most beautiful rivers in the world.

5.Danube River, Central Europe

Danube river flows trough ten countries of Europe. It give different looks on Cultures of countries that flows trough.Journey trough Danube is inspired with medieval  and modern spirit of Europe. Its the main artery of Central Europe. You will enjoy mediaval castles when you come to Austria and the spirit of the Eastern Europe when you pass Hungary, Serbia and Romania . Lot of different cultures gives this river more beauty